Local SEO for Treatment Centers

Free traffic from search engines never felt so good


Pay per click is a great way to bring potential placements to your residential treatment facility or IOP program, but those clicks aren’t cheap. Local Search Engine Optimiziation (local SEO) is the answer.

Local SEO has foundational ranking factors and competitive ranking factors. Foundational ranking factors are needed for your website to be seen online. Competitive ranking factors are the awesome tactics that really help you crush your competition.


Foundational Ranking Factors:

  • Verified and completed Google My Business listing
  • Consistent NAP+W (business Name, Address, Phone number, Website) on top data aggregators and tier 1 citation sources
  • Responsive website that also includes NAP+W

Competitive Ranking Factors:

  • Proper category association on citations
  • Industry specific citations
  • Hyperlocal citations
  • Comprehensive and technical on-site SEO
  • Content that earns social shares and links
  • Link acquisition
  • Backlink audits

A lot of this may sound like techno-mumbo-jumbo, but we live and breathe local SEO. Maybe you’re well-versed in local SEO and want to get geeky or you would like to know everything that is involved in an effective local SEO strategy. Either way, we would love to get to know your needs and how we might be able to help.

Did we mention our version of a guarantee?

Guarantee, ugh. A lot of scammers offer some kind of “100% money-back guarantees”, and they still never actually perform like they say they will. We don’t have a guarantee, we have a Consultant’s Promise. Before we send an agreement, we’ll both agree to a trackable metric (e.g., 40% increase in lead volume). If we don’t hit this metric by the end of our agreement, we’ll work for free until we do. This is our way of putting some skin in the game.

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